Local Labour

Gordian Fence SA (Pty) Ltd are fully committed to empowering small, medium and black enterprises in support of the B BBBEE Policy.  Significant focus has been placed on using majority B BBBEE suppliers, by evaluating them first to determine their status.

We at Gordian Fence SA (Pty) Ltd continually create business opportunities for the previously disadvantaged workforce in the fencing industry.  We are also committed to skills transfer and by doing so, create upliftment.  An example of this is our policy of supplying training to labourers and the utilizing of local labour.

From the outset local labourers do basic tasks and are trained to do excavations to size, mix concrete (for sites where ready-mix is not used) and to use all tools correctly.  After a designated period and depending on various factors, potential labourers are taught detail regarding fencing material as well as how to plant posts and erect fencing.  The labourers are taught to work with fencing types such as coils, razor wire, bar/mesh panels and gates.

By the end of each contract, unskilled labourers will have been turned into semi-skilled labourers.  They will also receive a certificate to show their progress and new skill set achieved.