Gordian Fence SA (PTY) Ltd

Complete Fencing and Facilities Solutions

Gordian Fence SA selected its name based on an historical account, where innovative and decisive action solved what was believed to be an unsolvable problem.

An ancient oracle foretold that the person who could solve the problem of the Gordian Knot would become King and go on to rule the world. Alexander the Great, believing the oracle, arrived in the ancient city of Phrygia, and studied the knot. Understanding that many had been unsuccessful in solving the problem over the years, and that he must move forward quickly in order to accomplish his own goals, Alexander the Great drew his sword and cut through the knot.

Our business philosophy is therefore based on the lessons to be learned from Alexander’s actions that day…

  • Decisiveness is certain
  • Success is bold – to succeed, be bold
  • Motivation arises from the desire to overcome
  • Channel emotion and energy into the pursuit of your goal
  • A solved problem looks trivial, when moments before it seemed insurmountable
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